Hello Honeymooners!

"Turning and turning in the widening gyre... dancing dervish we almost died together, but climbed... Look! Look! he is climbing the last light... A secret turning in us makes the universe turn... who will leave the world's ties and sit with me on white clouds... Awake forever in sweet unrest... to scream among thy fellows... the Wondrous Names of God... O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, how can we know the dancer from the dance?"
-The Canon, Submission Winner #2



" The sounds from M.H. and His Orchestra in-concert are the on-pitch cries of a sexy ravaged beast in heat flowing with the ebbs and flows of a shadow's darkness twisted in the folds of space-time. These sounds are of an effervescent buildup for an explosive orgasm of awesomeness only made true to one's self by way of sick beats. This group of holy talent is a contained sonic boom of destructive power purging the stillness of a person's feet while instantaneously instilling feeling of a monstrous typhoon calling for an insatiable need for dancing in the souls of mankind. This orchestra led by Max Holiday puts out pleasure you can dance to ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!! " 
    ‐Tremayne Bailey, Submission Winner #1

We asked our online audience to answer the following question: "What do we sound like?". Due to the success and overflow of submissions we took some time this October for round 2! Keep the submissions comin'!