Hello Honeymooners!

" The sounds from M.H. and His Orchestra in-concert are the on-pitch cries of a sexy ravaged beast in heat flowing with the ebbs and flows of a shadow's darkness twisted in the folds of space-time. These sounds are of an effervescent buildup for an explosive orgasm of awesomeness only made true to one's self by way of sick beats. This group of holy talent is a contained sonic boom of destructive power purging the stillness of a person's feet while instantaneously instilling feeling of a monstrous typhoon calling for an insatiable need for dancing in the souls of mankind. This orchestra led by Max Holiday puts out pleasure you can dance to ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!! "

ÔÇÉTremayne Bailey

Submission Winner #1

We asked our online audience to answer the following question: "What do we sound like?". Above, a few familiar faces from M.H. & His Orchestra read a handful of submissions aloud as we narrow them down to our featured winner!

Submissions are still open, if you'd like yours read and possibly chosen, enter the form above!